multivariate online BIOBURDEN analyzer

 multivariate online BIOBURDEN analyzer

Data plot showing spectral and temporal results of various microorganisms and interfering materials.  Click to enlarge.

MOBA is a highly sensitive, accurate, and robust multivariate spectroscopic water bioburden analyzer.  MOBA is able to detect a single fluorescent event and reliably discriminate if the event is biotic or abiotic. MOBA's specificity is critical in accurately determining microbial load within a system and minimizing false positive counts due to interfering materials within the sample matrices online, at-line, and in the lab.

Industrial water samples often contain microscopic interfering materials that are of similar particle size and fluorescence intensity as the targeted biological materials.  These similarities confound systems designed to differentiate these materials by particle size and/or fluorescence intensity alone.  

MOBA's design overcomes multiple challenges:

  • Multi-wavelength excitation and emission spectral profiles improve discrimination of biological and interfering materials
  • Temporal profile (fluorescence lifetime) adds critical dimension to further discriminate biological and interfering materials
  • Pulsed light source versus continuous significantly improves signal-to-noise ratio and limit of detection
  • Novel multiplex detector assembly enables instantaneous monitoring
  • Advanced electronics and data acquisition system enables multiple replicates of the same sample while in the processing zone, improving overall statistical confidence of the results
  • Rugged, simplified components improve robustness versus optical and electronics systems commonly highly sensitive to harmonics, vibration, electromagnetic discharges, etc.